Joy Unspeakable Homeschool Band

Joy Unspeakable Homeschool Band (originally named "Homeschool Music") was founded in 2004 as a ministry providing homeschooled children with musical opportunities that they otherwise would not have outside of the public school system. We offer classes beginning at age 3 and lasting until high school graduation, and the classes are designed so that a student can begin at any time regardless of previous musical training (or lack thereof)!

JUHSB students participate in band classes with additional opportunities to participate in various honor bands, including the Chattahoochee River Honor Band and Bandtastic.

All classes are Christian based, as this a Christian ministry. It is not based on any particular denomination, therefore any student who adheres to Christian conduct can be a member of this group. [Please note that we do NOT teach or even talk about doctrine. This simply applies to behavior and ideals.]


Fall semester 2016 registration is open until Wednesday, September 7, 2016. For more information, please see the PDF for the 2016-2017 school year information. This website has NOT been fully updated due to changes in the server. Please rely on that PDF for the most accurate information!

TUITION PRICES HAVE BEEN CUT IN HALF! $100 per semester per student, with a family max of $200 for tuition for all classes, including recorder class (younger students), beginning/intermediate/advanced bands, and colorguard. That equals roughly $7 per class. Register by Wednesday, September 7. Classes begin Friday, September 9.

For more information and the registration link, please go to our Facebook event.



IF YOU RECEIVED AN EMAIL THAT APPEARS TO COME FROM THIS DOMAIN NAME:  On 10/17/2013, I was made aware of an attempt to spoof our domain name in email addresses, with messages that contained scams. Please know that we do not send emails from email addresses that start with other business names ("Xerox" was the specific one in this fake email address). If you reply to these emails, you are not actually replying to the address that you see. It will reply to another email address without you realizing it (because of the way the sender set it up, with a different "reply to" address).

This occurred again on 5/12/2014, with "Voicemail" being the specific name in the fake email address. It contained a .zip file that was likely malware or virus of some type.

Also, we only contact you if you have previously expressed an interest in JUHSB. We do not "cold-call." And we only contact you about things related to our band program - nothing else! In general, the only mass emails we send out are to announce that registration has opened.

We don't give your email address to anyone else. In fact, we don't even share your email address with other homeschoolers who are attempting to reach you, even if we know that you know them, unless you have specifically told us in writing that you would like for us to give that person your email address. We appreciate and respect privacy - both yours and our own! "Do unto others..."

There are only 3 real email addresses that end with our domain name, and all begin with the names of people who are actually affiliated with JUHSB. Please notify of us any spoofed or fraudulent emails that you receive!

If you have previously expressed an interest in JUHSB, but you no longer want to receive emails from us about signing up for classes, simply email us and ask us to remove you from our email list. Our reply confirming that we have removed you should be the last email you receive from us after your request.